The Root Cause Partners with BridgeBuilders in Bonton, South Dallas for Diabetes Care

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We’re thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with the long-time South Dallas ministry, BridgeBuilders.

BridgeBuilders has been confronting the spiritual needs and material realities of the residents of South Dallas for more than two decades. And with this partnership, will launch a health-focused ministry for the residents of Bonton, a community in South Dallas which has a mortality rate double the state average.

It’s also estimated that the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in Bonton is 45% higher than the average for the city of Dallas – which makes this neighborhood a strong next step for The Root Cause’s domestic initiatives.

“This partnership is an absolute necessity in the Bonton community.” S. Michael Craven
   President, BridgeBuilders

BridgeBuilders’ president, S. Michael Craven, shared his excitement about this new partnership… “After learning about what The Root Cause has done in India – and is beginning in the city of Detroit – with respect to diabetes care, I strongly felt this partnership is an absolute necessity in the Bonton community. I can’t wait to help people start getting the care they need!”

The goal is to launch phase 1 of our screening program in late summer/early fall of this year, targeting an initial 1,000 to 2,000 Bonton residents before setting up a more permanent presence in the neighborhood for ongoing care.

We’ll share more in the weeks to come about this exciting partnership!

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