My 22-year-old son, Chris, began the fight of his life just a few short weeks after his Fall 2020 semester in college. COVID-19 put Chris in critical condition and caused a season of struggle for my entire family.  What started out as troubled breathing led to him being placed on a ventilator, and then into a medically induced coma that resulted in a tracheotomy to open his airways.  

My son was brave and determined.  He kept fighting until the end.  Yet on December 18, 2020, my baby boy Chris, our “Gentle Giant,” went to be with the Lord. 

As a result of all the healthcare trials he went through in 2020, one of the great things he wanted to accomplish was helping people who were underinsured and uninsured receive impactful preventative healthcare measures and awareness.  His heart became bent towards those that might suffer needlessly due to lack of insurance, or care. He became passionate about this cause. 

I am excited to inform you that we have set up a fund in Chris’ honor that will do just that!  We have named it the “Chris Keep Fighting Fund.” As his mother, I used to tell him when things were tough: “Chris keep fighting!” He did until the end, and now his legacy will continue.  This fund will give many more people in areas like South Dallas a chance to keep fighting when it comes to their healthcare and overall wellbeing. 

Our fund will directly benefit the 501c3 that I am working with now, “The Root Cause.” The Root Cause is a community health organization that has been impacting the social determinants of health, mental health, and chronic disease prevention and management programs to thousands and thousands of people around the world in India, Africa, and the U.S.  We have been helping people “keep fighting,” and I am honored to play a key role in this organization. 

The funds raised to continue my son’s legacy will go directly to defined programs in the South and West Dallas neighborhoods, focusing on, but not limited to, the following:

  • The social determinants of health – this will address many key areas such as food insecurity, safety, mental health, transportation, and other factors that contribute to a person’s overall health
  • Our COVID solution – a white labeled communication infrastructure focused on COVID and COVID related complications and awareness. This is a timely and comprehensive program designed to benefit local churches and other community partners. 
  • Chronic illness prevention and management related to diabetes and heart disease
  • Workforce development program that will provide opportunities related to skills and professional development, as well as providing the care to individuals in need in these communities 

We are seeking $10,000,000 to kick start this community healthcare effort in the neighborhoods of Dallas that need it most.  It is our goal to instill knowledge, confidence, and self-efficacy so individuals can better self-manage their conditions.

We would sincerely appreciate your support of this initiative by generously donating to the fund created to continue Chris’s legacy of fighting!  As his mother, I would be incredibly grateful for you to donate and help to fulfil the legacy that Chris left with us. 

Thank you, and God bless you,

Dr. Esteria Miller