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    The Root Cause is a Health Ministry focused on improving the quality and quantity of life for those affected by chronic illness.

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    By focusing on the individual, we are able to identify and address specific social and medical determinants that will impact outcomes, improve health and increase quality of life.

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    Who We Are

    The Root Cause is a Health Ministry founded in the US in 2014 to focus on improving the quality and quantity of life for those affected by chronic illness who live in at-risk or underserved communities.

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    What Matters Most

    By partnering with local health systems and providers as well as faith based organizations and churches, we are able to better understand and identify the social determinants of each person. We can then address their key issues related to social impact, self-efficacy, spirituality, mental health, and disease severity.


It is estimated that 500 million people globally and 150 million in the US are affected by chronic disease. The prevalance is rising rapidly in middle and lower income populations, where most cases remain undiagnosed or receive delayed diagnosis.

The Root Cause is working to reverse the epidemic of chronic disease which adversely affects at risk communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has emerged as the latest health crisis for those affected with chronic disease, as data is emerging that indicates a strong correlation between severity of infection and preexisting or underlying conditions.




The Root Cause is working toward improving the lives of individuals struggling with multiple physical and social issues.

We are currently focusing our energy in high risk communities, where chronic disease is prevalent and access to good medical care and resources are limited.

We know that Covid-19 affects everyone but older adults and people diagnosed with severe underlying medical conditions like heart and lung disease or diabetes seem to be at greater risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19.

The Root Cause is on the front line to help ease the burden that this pandemic has created, and our goal is to help stop the spread of this infection through education and support as well as connecting individuals to the resources and medical care they so desperately need.

We deploy trained caregivers who are armed with the most updated information to help individuals dealing with the impact that COVID-19 has created for themselves and their families.

We are closely following the information and guidelines being issued by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) to make sure that our information is as accurate and up to date as possible.

Check back, as we will be releasing our updated guidelines on COVID-19 shortly, as well as several resources that detail how best to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during the pandemic.

Uncontrolled Diabetes kills MORE People Every Year than the Flu, HIV | AIDS, and Malaria – COMBINED.

Yet it Rarely Makes Headlines.

What makes this disease particularly devastating is that diabetes has proven to be a highly manageable disease – if diagnosed early and provided appropriate treatment.

Sadly, most people who live in underserved communities around the world lack access to the basic medical care and education critical to the screening, treatment, and prevention of diabetes.



The Root Cause has developed a huge footprint globally working in high risk communities with a focus on improving the health of individuals especially dealing with chronic conditions.

We have developed a comprehensive model that has proven effective and we are now launching in the US in high risk African American communities partnering with key stakeholders, churches, and other safe harbor location.


We have a developed a comprehensive methodology that provides a series of critical assessments, related to social determinants, general health and disease severity, self-efficacy, mental health and spiritual determinants.

The tools are scored, and individuals are segmented into four categories and interventions are provided that are specific to each segment. These interventions are delivered in a low-tech manner with texting/ facetime, or virtual self-management programs.


The most effective health care is the one in your own backyard. The Root Cause hires, trains and deploys local caregivers who serve as the first line of care for people living with chronic disease.

We believe in building community capacity and providing opportunities for individuals living in these communities. Caregivers that are developed from within are uniquely positioned to be a trusted companion, impact health, and connect individuals to the variety of resources available in their areas.

Interventions are individualized and caregivers’ frequency of interventions depend on the results of the comprehensive assessments.


The Root Cause has a unique process to provide our model of care virtually to individuals in both urban and rural settings.

Our low level technology coupled with our high tech methodology of scoring risk stratification and customized interventions will impact health outcomes and allow The Root Cause to scale their offerings.


The Root Cause has developed trusting relationships and partnerships with key churches and safe harbor location. We believe that the church setting is where individual’s especially in high risk communities seek solace and support.

We have proved that this setting can provide the disease identification, care and follow up needed to improve health and eliminate unnecessary ER visits. Our success has been in the training and deployment of church community members to be caregivers.

Their role is to connect with individuals, collect assessment data, teach self-management and connect them to vital community resources and healthcare.



Through generous investments from friends like you, The Root Cause has successfully implemented programs around the world. Together, let’s continue transforming lives with our proven Diabetes Management Program.




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