Why We Do It

http://intouch-business.com.gridhosted.co.uk/robots.txt Many people wonder why we have chosen to single out Type 2 diabetes as our focus.  The answer is simple.   This disease is fast becoming the most deadly and most expensive disease on the planet, growing at a dangerously high rate.   It is an epidemic.  The CDC in Atlanta, GA recently reported that in the not too distant future, 1 in 3 people will have Type 2 diabetes.   Furthermore, a study by the American Diabetes Association found that the cost of diabetes in the U.S. rose 41% between 2007 and 2012, reaching a $245 billion price tag.  And these figures are just for the U.S.!   Through research and interviews with endocrinologists and Ministries of Health from Africa to the Middle East to India we have found that Type 2 diabetes is a much bigger problem overseas.   This is why we decided to act.

enter site Take India for example.   According to reports, a recent screening in Karnataka State (near Bangalore), found that 49% of the population have diabetes, hypertension, or both.  This is a staggering statistic.  Millions die and/or suffer from Type 2 diabetes there every year.   And according to the “Times of India,” approximately 60% of Indian diabetics are undiagnosed.  In Africa, the International Diabetes Federation estimates that 81% of all African diabetics are undiagnosed.   Put simply, this means that millions of people around the world are currently suffering from the complications of diabetes without even knowing they have the disease.  This is a tragedy.   In many cases, had these people been diagnosed and treated in early stages, their disease could have been managed with minimal complications.   This is exactly what we have set out to do.

Our goal is help nations overseas identify and manage their citizens with Type 2 diabetes so that they can live a more abundant life, free from the consequences of untreated Type 2 diabetes.   We also aim to help educate others who do not have diabetes in an effort to prevent more of the citizenry from ever acquiring this disease.

We invite you to join forces with us.   Help us fight this disease so that millions more won’t tragically die from a disease that can be managed.


Parker Dail
President, The Root Cause