What We Do

buy Lyrica online usa In nations with significant diabetes rates, The Root Cause is seeking to implement proven strategies to diagnose, educate, manage and reduce the pain and cost of Type 2 diabetes.  Our program is modeled closely after a proven U.S. diabetes management program called “The Asheville Project.”  This approach uses local caregivers to regularly meet face-to-face with patients to educate and monitor compliance with prescribed medications and lifestyle modifications. It relies upon building a close personal relationship between the health care giver/coach and the patient to promote patient progress in managing his or her diabetes.  The original director of The Asheville Project, Dr. Barry Bunting, is one of our Board Members and his award winning approach to diabetes management has been used in the U.S. by numerous large self-insured companies to improve the health of their diabetic population while lowering overall healthcare expenditures.  The program has been an overwhelming success, expanding to employers across the U.S.  As a result it has attracted the attention of national media such as the New York Times and NBC Nightly News.

http://sisterson.co.uk/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1511914707.5848360061645507812500 We believe the use of local caregivers, along with incentives and motivation to participate, will bring similar success in nations overseas, thereby helping local leaders create long-term, sustainable diabetes programs.

Our program also includes building a database of key biometrics and medical activity regarding patient compliance and progress. Using this data we are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program to the local and government leaders both from clinical and cost perspectives.  If the government is funding part or all of its citizens’ healthcare costs, this program should result in substantial cost savings to the government.