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here Where possible, Root Cause seeks to mobilize the financial resources of national, regional and local governments to fund diabetes management programs for their citizens. However, in many diabetes-ravaged areas, the governments of any level simply do not possess the necessary resources to fund program expenses. In situations such as this, The Root Cause relies upon the generosity of private donors and philanthropic organizations to provide the necessary funding to initiate and sustain ongoing diabetes disease management programs.

buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v Example funding needs include:

  • Salaries of Root Cause professionals who are engaged in spreading the organization’s proven programs to additional diabetes-ravaged regions
  • Operational expenses for diabetes screening events
  • Compensation and out-of-pocket costs of local caregivers
  • Testing supplies (where needed)
  • Diabetes medications (where needed)

We hope you will join us fight diabetes around the world. Please call us at 972-885-8122 or email us using the form below for how to give or for any questions.

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