Benefits of Our Program

go to site We believe that every individual is endowed with an innate dignity and value as a person, and is meant to make a positive contribution to the world around him.  As a result, we seek to tame the scourge of unchecked diabetes in order to reaffirm the dignity and value of those who suffer from this disease.  The result can be to unlock the person’s potential to uniquely contribute in a positive way to his or her family and community.  When we achieve this goal, interested stakeholders also benefit in many ways:

  • Sponsor Governments
    • Reduction in the prevalence and severity of diabetes among the populace
    • Healthier families and communities leads to a more vibrant society
    • More productive workforce able to drive economic growth
    • Reduced burden on government budgets from costly complications of unchecked diabetes
    • Ability to redirect savings on diabetes spending to address other pressing issues
  • Individuals, Families and Communities
    • Improved quality of life and freedom from the debilitating effects of unchecked diabetes
    • Increased ability to pursue enriched family and community relationships
    • Expanded opportunity to impact their family and community in positive ways through gainful work and civic involvement