click Due to the alarming rise in Type 2 diabetes, nations around the world are beginning to take a closer look at how to combat this costly yet manageable disease.  This is especially true in Asia (including the Middle East & India), Africa, and Central & South America.  Leaders in these regions of the world are looking at preventative measures and ways to improve the lives of those with Type 2 diabetes. In addition, most of these leaders are concerned with the associated rising healthcare costs.

http://resultsnationalfunding.com/full-service-leasing The primary goal of The Root Cause, Inc. is to assist government and local leaders in their efforts to expand education about Type 2 diabetes, promote more effective diabetes management and improve quality of life for those suffering from this disease.  All of the above will provide cost savings for governments and/or other entities that bear the accelerating cost of unmanaged diabetes.

  • “About 90 percent of diabetics worldwide have the Type 2 variety”

  • “The risk of stroke in newly treated type 2 diabetes is more than double that of the general population.”

    The Spectator
  • “It’s going to absolutely ruin the economy of the world in the next 20 to 30 years.”



  • Diabetics in India - 67,000,000
  • Prediabetics in India - 30,000,000

"At present, confirmed diabetes patients in India are 67 million, with another 30 million in prediabetes group. By 2030, India will have the largest number of patients in the world." – The Times of India

Did You Know


People in Africa have Diabetes

"14 million people in Africa have diabetes and 81% of these people are still undiagnosed. This means Africa now has the highest rate of undiagnosed diabetes in the world." – Yahoo Finance