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Restoring health and dignity for those affected by chronic illness

The Root Cause is a Health Ministry focused on improving the quality and quantity of life for those affected by chronic illness.

The Root Cause is a Health Ministry founded in the US in 2014 to focus on improving the quality and quantity of life for those affected by chronic illness who live in at-risk or underserved communities.

By focusing on the individual, we are able to identify and address specific social and medical determinants that will impact outcomes, improve health and increase quality of life.

By partnering with local health systems and providers as well as faith based organizations and churches, we are able to better understand and identify the social determinants of each person. We can then address their key issues related to social impact, self-efficacy, spirituality, mental health, and disease severity.

Health Crisis

It is estimated that 500 million people globally and 150 million in the US are affected by chronic disease. The prevalance is rising rapidly in middle and lower income populations, where most cases remain undiagnosed or receive delayed diagnosis.

The Root Cause is working to reverse the epidemic of chronic disease which adversely affects at risk communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has emerged as the latest health crisis for those affected with chronic disease, as data is emerging that indicates a strong correlation between severity of infection and preexisting or underlying conditions.

Uncontrolled Diabetes kills MORE People Every Year than the Flu, HIV, AIDS, and Malaria - COMBINED.

Yet it Rarely Makes Headlines.

What makes this disease particularly devastating is that diabetes has proven to be a highly manageable disease – if diagnosed early and provided appropriate treatment.

Sadly, most people who live in underserved communities around the world lack access to the basic medical care and education critical to the screening, treatment, and prevention of diabetes.

An Effective Model of Care

The Root Cause has developed a huge footprint globally working in high risk communities with a focus on improving the health of individuals especially dealing with chronic conditions.

We have developed a comprehensive model that has proven effective and we are now launching in the US in high risk African American communities partnering with key stakeholders, churches, and other safe harbor location.


Through generous investments from friends like you, The Root Cause has successfully implemented programs around the world. Together, let’s continue transforming lives with our proven Diabetes Management Program.

US Team


President | CEO


Chairman of the Board


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Executive Director | Kenya


Senior Health Director


After graduating from Samford University, Parker got his professional start in the UK at BMS Group, Ltd., a designated Lloyd’s of London reinsurance brokerage firm. From London, he moved to Charlotte, NC where he began sales and marketing work with J. Arthur Dail, Inc., an employee benefits brokerage firm that works with mid to large size corporations helping them develop customized benefits plans for their specific company needs.

This led to Parker being a founder of Corporate Health Strategies, LLC in 2005, which works with mid to large self-insured corporations helping them develop effective chronic disease management programs, with an emphasis on diabetes, designed to both improve quality of life for the employees and significantly lower health care costs for the employer.

After a dramatic life change that led to Parker completing his Master’s Degree at Dallas Theological Seminary, he launched The Root Cause in response to the epidemic of diabetes being experienced around the world.

When not focused on helping communities around the world identify and manage chronic disease, Parker enjoys spending time with his wife, Brandy, and their 3 children.


Brad completed his undergraduate business degree at the University of Georgia. He has since gone on to start, grow and sell numerous ventures in the business sector. Brad has been involved with The Root Cause since 2012 as a consultant and advisory board member, which made him a natural fit to step in as Chief Development Officer. Brad’s unique understanding of the organization and his real world approach will be vital to developing and implementing strategies as The Root Cause expands into new cities and countries around the World.

Brad, his wife Jessica and their two sons split time between Atlanta, GA and the family farm in Central Alabama.


Wanjiru is an Akili Dada alumna fellow class of 2014, a college graduate. She has a wealth of experience in the field of project management, healthcare, and education/rehabilitation, having worked in different organizations in various capacities over the last 10 years. She is also a column writer for Ability Africa Magazine.

Her immediate former employer was Ubuntu Life Foundation, a nonprofit social enterprise. While there, she was vocal on advocacy and inclusion. She has also been featured on both TV stations and print media for her work in the community.

During her free time, Wanjiru spends time with her family and friends and enjoys traveling. She also spends a great deal of time with her grandmother who is diabetic; she has learned a lot when it comes to diabetes management and she is keen on helping people receive the care they need to live more abundant lives.